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Settlers Bridge storm drains

Storm water drainage can be managed if we do prevention to avoid street flooding.

Attached are two pictures that show the location of storm manholes in Settlers Bridge. Be familiar with the ones in front of your house or nearby.

Please do not rake or blow your leaves and yard debris into the streets, but place them in your trash/garbage bins. As leaves fall all over the neighborhood, some may end up in your yard or in the ditch in front of your house. Please clear these in a reasonable time. And especially if you see leaves blocking a storm manhole in front of your house, please clear it off and dispose of the debris.

Snow can cause a similar blockage of the storm drains.  See the separate information on Snow Removal, but please do NOT shovel or push snow into the streets. Please clear snow that piles up on the manhole covers. If you are unable to do this, please ask a neighbor or contact the Board.

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