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Registration steps

Registration for our website is for people who own property or live in Settlers Bridge, including homeowners that rent out their homes as well as long-term renters.

Registration steps:

At the top right of the window (above the picture), you will see "Please log in or register".
  • Click on "Register" and enter your information. Be prepared to set a unique password. 

Once you have registered on the SB website it can take up to five days for approval. Until you are approved, you will still be locked out.  We first want to make sure you are a homeowner or a  renter in Settlers Bridge.

Please be patient.

Once you have been approved you will get a notice. 
  • Click the down arrow next to your name. 
  • Go to member settings.
  • You will see five tabs under member settings that you control.
  • Tabs are General, Profile, Password, Contact and Privacy.
  • Click on each tab and you can change or limit your member settings.

Now you will be able to use all the items that have a picture of a lock next to it.

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